my fab story

meet our founder Contidina Manuel


     Starting my own business has given me the opportunity to pursue my passion as well as challenge myself as a new business owner.  This new outlook, and lifestyle is something I always desired.  The Lovely Line has truly given me a chance to discover some special talents and learn new things about myself.  It has also allowed me to be more creative, express myself, and an opportunity to help others. 

     This year, My mother, Ora, was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.  This was a wake up call for me, because I then realized that, what your heart desires, go for it because tomorrow may not be promised.  But God kept my mother and now she is a Breast Cancer Savior.  During my mother's battle with breast cancer I realized my purpose here on earth, and it triggered me to pursue my passion.  My passion to become a business owner and let a percentage of my revenue go to a charity to help others.  I experienced what my mother went through and I'm pleased with my decision to help support other women fighting breast cancer.

     The pain I experienced watching my mother fight this disease has pushed me to create a blessing for others. I look forward to serving my community and the world.  I give all thanks and praises go to God!

Contidina Manuel